What To Expect At Redeeming Grace Fellowship

Children’s Catechism Time
Kiara Hebert (keyboard), Sam Caldwell (guitar and Keyboard), Dieudonne Rusarika (cajon)
Our most wonderful worship team.

Our Worship

Our worship service consists of hymns and many selections from Sovereign Grace Music, the Getty’s music and the like. We use the Hymns of Grace hymnal and at times have Power Point slides with lyrics. We practice congregational singing with a keyboard, cajon and guitar. This article communicates our desire to use mostly hymns in our service.

Our Order of Worship is as follows:

  • Welcome and Announcements 
  • Quiet reflection to prepare ones heart to enter into worship
  • Opening Prayer
  • Call To Worship with a Psalm Reading
  • Corporate Prayer (Open to all believers)
  • New Testament Reading
  • Worship with Hymns and Spiritual Songs
  • Children’s Catechism 
  • Worship with Hymns and Spiritual Songs
  • Sermon
  • Communion Service
  • Closing Hymn
  • Closing Prayer

**We have a fellowship meal after our service that all are welcome. Each family is encouraged to bring their own lunch and stay to fellowship. We sometimes have a Potluck lunch where everyone brings a main dish to share.

Families in Worship

***We do not practice age segregation within our fellowship and encourage all families to bring their children, regardless of age, to the meetings throughout the week. We are not a formal member of any Family Integrated Church groups, but agree in principle with the aspects of the movement as they pertain to Biblical involvement of families within the meetings of the Church and the family’s role in instructing their children in the Scriptures.

While this is a practice that stands in contrast to the main stream of Evangelicalism in America today, we trust that Biblically, and historically, the practice of the Churches of God throughout the world has been to involve and include children within the meetings of the Church.

As would be expected from the above statements, we do not have a Sunday school specific for various ages, or a children’s church and do not plan to implement this in the future within the main Church meeting times. We also do not have a staffed nursery, but all effort is made to provide parents with a cry room or other place to attend to their children in private as needed.***

***This statement was used from Sovereign Grace Community Church Website.

Our Giving

We encourage everyone to give as God is directing them. The scriptures teach us that God loves a cheerful giver, so we desire folks to give as they are truly led by the Lord, cheerfully and never with any guilt or influence from anyone else. This is entirely between the individual and the Lord. There is no offering time during any of our weekly services, nor will there be appeals for money. There is an offering box where people are free to give an offering as they are directed by the Lord.